Close your eyes…and go to your place of peace…

Hi there!

Hope you’re having a moderately adequate day, if not better?

This blog post will consist of the beginning of Unit 5. The assignment I chose to begin with was “Places of Peace“, this involved creating a collage of my favourite spots where I feel relaxed or at peace and where I definitely felt better than moderately adequate! I didn’t find this terribly difficult to think of the places I’ve felt most happy and relaxed and content with life. This is partly because I am very family orientated so have had happy experiences with them both at home and on holidays. Therefore it was an almost immediate connection to peace.

Home I thought was quite an obvious one so I’ve included other pictures in the collage, but home is a place I do feel relaxed; I would hope that would be the case for most people! Peace can mean different things to different people, an official definition from The Free Dictionary is “freedom from disturbance; tranquility:” which is similar to how I imagine peace, there is also “To maintain or observe law and order:” which I agree with but not what I picture for this blog.

Majority of the photos in the collage are from a holiday because lets face it holidays are the best time to be relaxed and at peace! 3 of the photos are from particular places in Suffolk where I have been really relaxed. The first is by the lighthouse in Southwold where me and my family went for a late night walk after sitting outside a local pub by the lighthouse, and later on we went for a walk along the pier and there were practically no people on it so it was very peaceful!

If you’re wondering ‘Why Southwold?’, we have been going there as a family since I was very young so is a place of happy and fond memories and as soon as we arrive we all get the holiday feeling. I love going to the place where I have childhood memories and still making memories now.

Holidays are a time of ‘relaxation’ and to escape from everyday life which might be work, school or general things which may cause stress. You might have a particular place where you feel peace. For me there are many reasons as to why Southwold is the ideal destination.

The other larger photo in the collage is a photo I took of Dunwich Heath which as you can see from the photo is absolutely beautiful and has extremely vibrant colours, especially the purples. There is lots of wildlife and is lovely walk!

The photo next to that is a picture of the beach near Sizewell in Suffolk, if you look closely you can see the Sizewell Dome! I have some lovely family memories on Suffolk beaches of relaxed days so all of these really fit the criteria in my head of being at peace.

The top left image is a photo from when I visited the Gullfoss Waterfall in Iceland, it was so striking and beautiful. My whole trip in Iceland I would describe as adventurous, peaceful and amazing! It is so natural and going there made me realise how beautiful the world is.

The final photo is actually from when I was in Les Miserables at the theatre. The theatre is probably one of my favourite places to be whether is be on stage or in the audience. Although being in a musical is nerve racking, it is something I loved to do especially playing my dream role! However, I would say I feel more relaxed in an audience of course!


I made this collage using a software called ‘Layout‘ which is an app connected to Instagram. I then decided on the places I found most peaceful and edited them together as I pleased. It is a software I am familiar with using and aided me to create a visual representation of what was in my head. I added some subtle filters to the photos included to increase the impact of colour and contrast. The choice of layout and size of photo mostly came naturally, I moved them around a bit when creating the collage. The two larger ones and the smaller one at the bottom are images I captured from Southwold which is what I focus on in this blog the most.

I hope you found this insight into my places of peace interesting!

Until next time!!

Tasha xx


Unit 4 Daily Create 3


This daily create is the ‘Accidentally Type the Wrong Thing in Image Search and End Up Not Disappointed‘. Typing the wrong thing is a very easy mistake to make.

I meant to type into google image search ‘gold fish’, instead I accidentally typed ‘fold fish’. This resulted in a load of images of origami fish!!

Below is an example of one…


Origami napkin fish…genius!

Of course I engineered this typo as I have no idea why I would be searching ‘gold fish’ on google! At least I now know how to fold my way to creating an origami fish, one of the many skills required in life.

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Unit 4 Daily Create 2


This daily create is the ‘A New Pledge‘ task. The task was to suggest an alternative to the (US) “Pledge of Allegiance” as a way for school kids to start each day. I tried to throwback my brain back to primary school and remember the things us school kids would do. Some pledges i’ve heard are rather extreme in my opinion, so I thought I would come up with one that is quite lighthearted.

Below is the daily create…


Thinking back to school, this is something we would all do! Guarantee we are all guilty of it. Personally I wasn’t the biggest fan of primary school at all, lunch and home time were always my favourite times of the day unless the class involved role play, art or history. These subjects may different for you but there must be a class each person has been in where you watch the clock and wait for lunch or home time. This almost feels like a confession!!

I found this daily create quite humorous, think of pledge yourself that you would use as an alternative for school kids.

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Unit 4 Daily Create 1


This daily create is ‘The new DS106 Phone‘ where we are to get imaginative and create a phone with special features and annotate them on to an image.

Below is an annotated image of what looks like a standard mobile phone. I based it off the current phone I have now as I really like it, but added some features that I certainly don’t have. I added standard things like your social media, high quality camera and more enhanced speakers. However, I added things like an app to access all your home appliances, an app where if you click on something it appears immediately in real life like clothes and food (the dream!!), transportation device to take you wherever you like and finally a feature that makes you invisible which could come into use!!


As you can tell I decided to get quite adventurous and extreme with it but wouldn’t those features be really useful?! Running late to a lecture…just click on your transportation device and you’re there! So when are these technological advancements going to happen?

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Unit 4- Sound Effects Story


The task for Unit 4 was to create a Sound Effect Story, explanation in the title of the task really!! We had to create whatever story we wanted using only sound effects. I made an accounts with free where I had access to a whole data base of sound effects to choose from.

I created my sound effect story in Adobe Audition as this is a software I am familiar with. I created a multitrack and added the sound effects in layering them and changing the volumes appropriately.

I decided as we are heading towards December, I would do a festive sound effect story! When it comes to Christmas there are so many sound effects that can represent this time of year. I wanted to create a like ‘Christmas Day in 45 seconds’, including like opening presents, cooking Christmas dinner, excitement, running down stairs in the morning and pulling crackers! Christmas is my favourite time of year so I found it enjoyable to create.

Below is the outcome…

I hope you enjoyed my Sound Effects Story!

Unit 3 Daily Create 3


Daily create 3 is the ‘Turn your art into pop art and amaze your family and friends!’ create. This daily create is about Andy Warhol’s iconic paintings and being able to make an image of your choice have the Andy Warhol effect!

I thought I would choose an image which I like to use as a profile photo for my media work. I chose it because I thought it was a good choice of photo to be made more artistic and interesting.

Below is the result…


I really like the effect the pop art generator has created, especially the top left effect. I love how extreme the effect is and how much colour is in the collage, it has a retro look and I think this daily create is one I will be revisiting with other images to give them the Andy Warhol effect!

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Unit 3 Daily Create 2


Daily create 2 is the ‘What is your d106estiny?‘. The task was to find a ‘106’ in your world, or to make it so there was one is your life and sometimes destiny needs a little help along!

Quite bizarrely ‘106’ was in my world but I didn’t really realise because I don’t suppose you really pay attention to things like that.

Below is a screenshot from my phone and in the white circle is the app for ‘Gem 106’ which is a radio station I listen to from my phone.


I found the 106 in my world!

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Unit 3 Daily Create 1


The first daily create of unit 3 is the ‘Post-it in the wild‘ daily create. I like to occasionally do my own twist on some daily creates so I decided to do this task but make it more personal by targeting it at one my friends.

I thought it would be nicer if I put the post-it note on my flat mates door so I could see the reaction when she would see it later on. I am still waiting for her to come back and see it.


So this post-it is in the wild of my flat!

I thought this daily create was quite a sweet one to help make someones day slightly better.

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Five Card Flickr Story


This is a classic Daily Create called the ‘Five Card Flickr Story’ which involves going onto Flickr and finding 5 photos that tell some sort of story.

Click on the blue box to access the Five Card Flickr Story I created- 

If this fails, use this link- Saving the Kitten- Five Card.

I am sure some more adventurous stories could be made from the images on Flickr, being someone new to that social media platform. I shall probably get more adventurous in future Units when the use of Flickr is involved, which I look forward to! I did find this task quite different and entertaining and I like to do different kinds of things like this, so this was right up my street.

My Flickr link can be accessed here- Flickr


Unit 3- Kurt Vonnegut style story.

Hello, Unit 3 is here!!

The main task for this unit was to watch the video of Kurt Vonnegut showing the way he tells a story of some sort. He uses shapes and a kind of graph set up to show the mood changes in the story. Vonnegut is quite humorous with his approach and retells a story in an interesting and also simplistic way which is engaging.

Below, I have created my own visual representation of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ using small shapes/drawings and a graph to show the mood changes in the disney story. I followed Vonnegut’s style of telling a story visually.


This task was entertaining and I found Kurt Vonnegut interesting and enjoyed his way of telling a story. As you can see above, I am no artist but I still found recreating a story in a visual way fun!

In this task we were also instructed to find an example of something recently on the internet that I would describe as a ‘social media story’. As some of you may know, The Great British Bake Off has recently finished, it was a great show even with the uproar of change of channel and hosts prior to it! I would definitely class the following story as a social media story. Bake off judge Prue Leith accidentally revealed the Bake Off winner on Twitter before the final episode had be shared on TV. She was in a different time zone and got totally confused, so for many the ending of Bake Off was spoiled. Once she realised she deleted it and made a tweet about how sorry she was. Bless her! I would say this is a social media story as the drama is about something that happened on Twitter which is a popular social media platform. Therefore it was further tweeted about by others and reports written and shared online.

Never mind Prue!

I hope you found the content of this blog post as entertaining as I did!