Definition of Social Media Production.

Hello everyone!

This is a blog about how I would define ‘Social Media Production’ in my own words.

Social Media is a digital way to communicate with family, friends, colleagues and others. Rather than a telegram, letter or phone call, the main social platforms nowadays are through the internet and smart phones. It is a very popular way of communication as majority of contact is instant; also there are many forms of social media that can be accessed such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and so many more!

Social Media Production is the making and producing of the social platforms. For example, Mark Zuckerberg (creator of Facebook) is a social media producer. Also I think when you post a status or share a tweet, that counts as ‘Social Media Production’ because you are sharing a thought, feeling or event with your friends and followers via Social Media. The users of social media are the ones who produce a decent amount of content, example being Instagram, without the users there would be no social media.

This week I did 3 Daily Creates involving photography and drawing. The one I enjoyed the most was actually the drawing one, and it wasn’t something I would have created without taking part in it.

Although this Daily Create shows me to be quite a nerd, I really enjoyed combining the things that I am into and it is now up on my wall in my uni room.

Thank you for reading! Below are my social medias.





Daily Create 3

Hello everyone!

Now this daily create I found very fun, I was able to combine a few TV and film things that I enjoy and are my favourites. My third daily create is #tdc1908 Hand drawn maps rock! Basically the task was to create a hand drawn map to a magical destination. It specified that it had to be on paper using real drawing materials and to leave Photoshop at home!

I took this opportunity to create a map to various destinations from films and TV programmes, as you will be able to tell, I am a slight nerd.

Below is my #tdc1908 daily create!


So it begins at home and it leads to ‘The Winchester’ from Shaun of the Dead, then to ‘The Wardrobe’ from Narnia, then to the Kings Landing Throne room (I know my Iron Throne is awful), then you hop on the Hogwarts Express and somehow get to The Stark Tower. From there you find the Tardis, jump in there, fly through the time vortex and end up at ‘The Shire’ which I chose as the Magical Destination!

Although my drawings aren’t exactly Picasso level, I really enjoyed doing this drawing Daily Create.

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Daily Create 2

Hello Daily Creators and others!

My second daily create is one that makes me very happy and it is the #tdc2054 Back from your summer vaction/Holiday? This involves tweeting a photo to the daily creates twitter page of our favourite image and saying why we like it. This makes me miss being on holiday a lot but many happy memories!

Below is my #tdc2054 Daily Create.


This was the first holiday I had my Canon camera for as I got it for Christmas. I had lots of fun taking photos using the different settings and seeing what results I could get. This is one of my favourite photos from the holiday. The photo was taken in Southwold of the lighthouse. I particularly like this photo because of the colours and the different light levels, especially as the image has had no editing done to it.

Capturing the lighthouse beaming across Southwold I think is beautiful and is one of my favourite images of my favourite place.

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Daily Create 1

Welcome to my first blog post containing my first daily creation!

I spent some time searching through the daily create page looking for which I would like to begin with. I decided that my first few would be photograph based and I would set off doing some simplistic ones.

The first daily create I will be doing is the #tdc2098 We’re All Changing. This required us to show some sort of change, no specifics as to what subject.

From this I took a few photos of the same building but at different points of the day and then chose my favourite two. I then made a collage of the two photos I had chose to have them right next to each other so the ‘change’ was very clear and obvious.

Below is my #tdc2098 daily create.


As you can see the first photo is a glum, dull and cloudy day. In comparison to the second one which contains blue skies and bright white clouds. The collage shows the change in weather which is similar to the example given by the daily create page, however I have taken a different approach and shown change using skies rather than leaves and showed the change through a collage.

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