Unit 3- Kurt Vonnegut style story.

Hello, Unit 3 is here!!

The main task for this unit was to watch the video of Kurt Vonnegut showing the way he tells a story of some sort. He uses shapes and a kind of graph set up to show the mood changes in the story. Vonnegut is quite humorous with his approach and retells a story in an interesting and also simplistic way which is engaging.

Below, I have created my own visual representation of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ using small shapes/drawings and a graph to show the mood changes in the disney story. I followed Vonnegut’s style of telling a story visually.


This task was entertaining and I found Kurt Vonnegut interesting and enjoyed his way of telling a story. As you can see above, I am no artist but I still found recreating a story in a visual way fun!

In this task we were also instructed to find an example of something recently on the internet that I would describe as a ‘social media story’. As some of you may know, The Great British Bake Off has recently finished, it was a great show even with the uproar of change of channel and hosts prior to it! I would definitely class the following story as a social media story. Bake off judge Prue Leith accidentally revealed the Bake Off winner on Twitter before the final episode had be shared on TV. She was in a different time zone and got totally confused, so for many the ending of Bake Off was spoiled. Once she realised she deleted it and made a tweet about how sorry she was. Bless her! I would say this is a social media story as the drama is about something that happened on Twitter which is a popular social media platform. Therefore it was further tweeted about by others and reports written and shared online.

Never mind Prue!

I hope you found the content of this blog post as entertaining as I did!


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