Unit 4- Sound Effects Story


The task for Unit 4 was to create a Sound Effect Story, explanation in the title of the task really!! We had to create whatever story we wanted using only sound effects. I made an accounts with free sounds.org where I had access to a whole data base of sound effects to choose from.

I created my sound effect story in Adobe Audition as this is a software I am familiar with. I created a multitrack and added the sound effects in layering them and changing the volumes appropriately.

I decided as we are heading towards December, I would do a festive sound effect story! When it comes to Christmas there are so many sound effects that can represent this time of year. I wanted to create a like ‘Christmas Day in 45 seconds’, including like opening presents, cooking Christmas dinner, excitement, running down stairs in the morning and pulling crackers! Christmas is my favourite time of year so I found it enjoyable to create.

Below is the outcome…

I hope you enjoyed my Sound Effects Story!

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