A postcard made from the heart.

Hello there!

Hope you’re having a moderately adequate day, if not better?

This blog post will consist of the assignment “Destination Post Card“, this involves choosing a location, using an image and adding text. I immediately knew I wanted to create a postcard for Suffolk.

Although it would be more conventional to find a picture of somewhere hot and exotic for this postcard task, I thought I would choose my favourite place for a holiday! This actually relates to a previous blog post- “Close your eyes…and go to your place of peace…“. I love that I can link these and go into more detail! This is a destination that has a place in my heart that I will always visit.

Dunwich Heath is a beautiful place to go in Suffolk! It has an amazing walk full of nature. There are all sorts of wildlife and plants that are so vibrant and the sights are striking. It is a National Trust sight so is cared for. There is a beach nearby which you can link to the walk adding to the views. On sight there is also a café and national trust shop which are always lovely. Choosing this destination for the postcard was a no brainer for me.

Below is the postcard.

Dunwich postcard

I created my destination postcard on Photoshop, this is a software I am familiar with and knew I could create what I wanted with it. The photograph used is actually one I took myself which really captures the vibrancy of the destination. With postcards I find that they contain the best parts of a particular destination which show friends and family what they are enjoying. I simply added my chosen photo into photoshop and added some text, postcards aren’t something to be cluttered as the focus should be the photo and of course the writing on the back. So I made some font and colour choices that compliment each other and the image.

I really enjoyed making the destination postcard, maybe I should get it printed?

Until next time!!

Tasha xx


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