Join my shoes on a mini adventure!

Hello there,

Hope you’re having a moderately adequate day, if not better?

This is the video assignment for DS106. This assignment is called ‘Where Do Your Shoes Take You?‘, this involved creating a video of my shoes and see where I ended up.

I thought I would do a video of my shoes around Leicester at first. However I thought it would be slightly more interesting to do the filming in my home village where it is quite rural and different to Leicester.

I reguarly go on walks with my Dad around the village when I’m home, so I thought I would capture this as my “where do your shoes take you” video.

Believe it or not I even considered the shoes I would wear for this filming! Attention to detail right!? For this video I wore my favourite shoes which are my Doc Martens. They are the best shoes I have ever owned, so having them as the main focus of my video was great. If you haven’t got some, I advise you to invest!!

Below is the video of my shoes…never thought I would use those words together…

I made this video using a new app called “Filmmaker Pro“, I could’ve used a software or app that I am very familiar with but I decided I would mix things up a bit and learn something new. I used various tools like adding text, editing the timing of the video (making the end slow motion in time with the music), and using fader/transitions for the text.

The app has added a watermark to the bottom right corner which doesn’t bother me much, it gives it more of a casual effect rather than a professional video. However, if I was to do this video again I would have done things differently. I love trying something new that I don’t know, however, with the footage going through the app and then Youtube I believe it has been compressed so the quality isn’t as good. I found that the text could be occasionally difficult to read once it had gone through the softwares.

I enjoyed making the video, especially adding the theme from “Pirates of the Caribbean” underneath because it is wonderfully random and dramatic. I found that it actually complimented the visual quite well!

Until next time!!

Tasha xx


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