Photo mash 2 actors= create a bizarre scenario…


Hope you’re having a moderately adequate day, if not better?

Now this blog consists of mashing 2 actors into a setting, it’s specifically called ‘Photo Mash‘. This really appealed to me, I am a massive fan of all sorts of TV and Film. If you read my blog posts regularly, this is something you already know! If you don’t, then yes I am a bit of nerd when it comes to some TV programmes and films, guilty is charged!

I think it is very important to have a hobby or something you are passionate about. Most people think this has to be an activity, obviously it is great to have an active hobby! I love performing in musical theatre and I used to play Tennis many years ago. However, I enjoy to have something surreal I can escape into, that inspires imagination and get engrossed in. I’d say there are quite a few programmes I feel this way about, some being Game Of Thrones, Harry Potter, The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, Doctor Who and Peaky Blinders. That’s not even all them!

Due to this, it was difficult to choose just 2 actors for this photo mash, but I had to be decisive! Being decisive isn’t one of my strong points. I eventually came to the decision that I would combine ‘Jon Snow’ from Game Of Thrones and ‘The Doctor’ from Doctor Who into the same setting.

Jon Snow is my favourite character in Game Of Thrones, if you click on his name there is a lot more information about his background and who he is. The Doctor is the main character in Doctor Who, the particular doctor I have chosen is the 10th Doctor, again the link explains the background about who and what he is.

Below is the Photo Mash…


I actually really enjoyed making this, it made me laugh.

I aimed to make a very unlikely and odd scenario. As you can see Jon Snow is in a massive fur coat, this is because he protects a place called ‘The Wall’ where it is bitterly cold. I was very tempted to add speech bubbles saying how he definitely wasn’t dressed for the weather! As for The Doctor, he could end up anywhere in his Tardis! If you don’t know what this means, then you need to go watch some Doctor Who. It would be an interesting thing if Game Of Thrones and Doctor Who came together.

As for the beach, in previous blogs I have spoken about how much I love the beach! There is actually an episode of Doctor Who where The Doctor is on a beach, but nowhere near as exotic as the one I have chosen in this Photo Mash.

I made the mashup in Photoshop. I have used the software before, using something I knew was useful for creating this. I had to work with each image separately. The image of The Doctor was already bright and fitted with the bright beach setting well, so it was just a matter of cutting him out of the previous background. However, Jon Snow was originally in a dark and cold setting so putting that straight into the mashup wouldn’t have looked correct. Therefore, I increased the brightness and vibrance bringing more colour and light fitting with the beach setting.

I positioned them that The Doctor was behind Jon on the beach. This worked with my chosen images of the actors. The names of the actual actors are Kit Harrington as Jon Snow, and David Tennant as The Doctor. Probably two of my favourite actors!

I actually really enjoyed combining two programmes I love so much!

Until next time!

Tasha xx


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