The creation of my perfect imaginary bedroom!


Hope you’re having a moderately adequate day, if not better?

This blog post will contain the imaginative task of ‘Create Your Own Room‘. Using Pinterest I went to search for different rooms, furniture and colours in order to create my dream room.

I decided I would create a bedroom, my taste has definitely changed. When I was very very young I wanted my room hot pink with a disney princess border! I had this along with a high bed and Doctor Who bed sheets…interesting combination my young self.

I began to search on Pinterest and create my current dream bedroom!


To start I went searching for a wallpaper. I decided on this one as I really like the pattern, reminds me of nature which seems quite peaceful, perfect for a bedroom setting. Furthermore, there is a kind of metallic, slightly shiny effect which I find interesting and ‘outside the box’.

The grey background goes really well, it being neutral brings attention to the pattern and doesn’t make it overwhelming.


Bed 2
Bed style

As for the bed, this would take a couple of searches to get the design and then separately choose the sheets. With this I love the wooden frame/posts around the bed, I am a massive fan of history and this has an old fashioned feel to it with a modern twist. The fairy lights above are really pretty, fairy lights are great for making a room cosy and cute, I use them in my bedroom currently and it can make a real difference.


Bed sheets
Bed Sheets

As for the bed sheets, surprisingly I really like a floral pattern, it has to be cotton and most importantly has to be cosy. I am not too bothered about like a running theme when it comes to colour and design, although what I have chosen so far would combine really well in my opinion.



As for the carpet, I would want a very basic carpet for the whole room and then had this on the top somewhere in the centre and near the bed. It looks very eccentric and interesting and again has an old fashioned look to it. Simply adding a carpet can be amazing for adding some extra character to a room.

It also looks quite vintage, I wouldn’t want everything in the room to be ‘mainstream’ adding a few things that no one else haves to make it unique.



Additionally, to many a girls the wardrobe is a very important part to the bedroom.

This is again quite an old fashioned looking wardrobe, there does actually seem to be a theme occurring! The white wouldn’t clash with anything and would fit really well as another addition to my dream room.

It is bold but not too overwhelming. The long mirrors would also look great and be very useful. A long mirror is essential to me.


Bedroom light

Along with the fairy lights, there would need to be a main light. This kind of light is something I have always wanted and would be in my dream room without a doubt! It would 100% fit with my theme that has been happening. Furthermore I am a massive fan of ‘Phantom of the Opera‘. Not a random comment I promise. There is a chandelier in Phantom as a very important part to the musical so would have a little extra meaning to me.




The final main addition to my dream room, is simply a chair where I can sit and do my university work.

When I saw this chair, it fits my decor, it has a foot stool so I can put my feet up and looks really comfy! I would change the cushions on it for sure but apart from that it is perfect.




When I first began this, I didn’t think it would go in the direction it did. It appears I would want an old fashioned twist on my dream and it actually seems quite girly which surprises me! I rarely surprise myself but doing this has.

I highly recommend giving this a go, there are so many different styles on Pinterest!

Until next time,

Tasha xx





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